✅Sonos Sub Gen 2 vs Gen 3: Which One is the Best?

Sonos is an American manufacturer and developer of audio products which is well known for its multi-room audio products. It offers speakers, home theatre, portable speakers, architectural, components, and speaker recommender.

Through its software platform, the company improves the services and features of its products.

This company offers different music services which include Pandora, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

The products of this company work with 3 main voice assistants, like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri, and offer plenty of basses.

Here in this article, we are going to review Sonos Sub Gen 2 vs gen 3. Sonos launched Gen 3 on 10th June 2012, it is masterfully engineered and enhances the sound with the iconic design and bold bass.

The Sonos Sub Gen 2 was released in June 2016 which practically sports the same design including enhanced processing power, memory, and the latest wireless radio. 

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Sonos Sub Gen 2 vs Gen 3: Comparison

A great subwoofer makes the home theater system perfect than those loudspeakers that cannot give you the audio you want. Subwoofers are light in weight than loudspeakers.

You can carry them anywhere easily and also give low frequencies to your audio system so that you can feel the sound effects like in movies.

So, speaking of speakers here we are going to give you a detailed comparison between Sonos Sub Gen 2 vs Gen 3.

Sonos Sub Gen 3 is the latest model of Sonos and is designed to replace the Sonos sub gen 2. However, this new version has come with upgraded features like increased memory, more processing power, wireless radio all these features enhance this gen 3 over gen 2.

This model of Sonos now gives you the option of using two subwoofers even in the same room and we have tested this.

This subwoofer is now popular because it gives proper bass to the customers and enhances the audio system.  

If you are having a night kind of setup, so this subwoofer is user responsive way to have low-end power.

Let’s dig into this article to know more about the features that come with this new one.

What is Sonos Sub Gen 3?

The Sonos Sub Gen 3 is the improved version that gives their customers the theater sitting experience by enhancing the playback sound from the attached speakers.

This third generation of Sonos is somehow similar to its ancestors. The size, shape, and even construction of this gen 3 are the same and there is also no difference in the sound quality or performance.

The simple line of this product has become more appealing to the people who want to feel and experience the world of streaming audio with excellent quality sound.

The noise-stopping speakers venture the energy withinside the room, remove vibrations and also try to make sure there are zero clatters. The set-up is easy because of its wirelessly connecting feature.

It also makes it easy for the customers to connect via the paired applications but the limited connectivity means it doesn’t connect with the non-Sonos speakers is its only weakness.

Should you buy Sonos Sub gen 3?

The subwoofer is much less costly than a couple of surrounding sound audio systems. The earlier will provide an immersive theater-like experience for your films and music.

The surround sound system, however, recognition bigger on the T.V. So, what you should purchase relies upon what you will decide on greater.

The Playbar itself can provide exquisite performance. Adding a subwoofer or audio surround system can progress the hearing skill.

So, each of them is a wonderful selection as a supplement to the Playbar. Again, it relies upon your possibilities as what works for you may not work for others.


  • Weighs 16kg
  • 256 MB memory
  • 1 x 10 x 100 Mbps ethernet port
  • Dimensions are 389 x 402 x 158mm
  • The frequency response is 25Hz to 110 Hz
  • 2x Class D amplifiers and 2x force canceling drivers
  • Seamless set-up
  • Deep bass response
  • No ratting from vibrations
  • Modern and unique design
  • Doesn’t connect with the non-Sonos speakers

Features of Sonos Sub Gen 3

Sound quality:

Like its ancestor, the sound quality of this sub is clear, the bass is deep and the vibrations are minimum. The audio quality is neither declined nor enhanced.

After the release of this sub gen 3, there was a considerable drop in the price which make this subwoofer affordable, unlike the previous model.

The 25-110 Hz frequency response makes the sound smooth and effective and the speaker focuses on the high frequency while the sub-focus on the bass.

With the cross-over frequency of 80 Hz through evasion it has additionally improved the bass end of the mid-variety frequency

You can get more immersive audio if you connect this gen 3 with the Play base, Beam and Sonos Playbar.

The clarity of sound is very impressive because it translates the sound which is buzz-free at high output levels.

You can easily adjust the sound with the help of the Sonos app because there are no controls on the subwoofer. The automatic Trueplay technology automatically adjusts the sound to the audio setting.


The audio quality is important than the look but this subwoofer looks nice as it booms. The unique design fits easily with the modern interior.

The sleek texture, striking design makes this product so attractive. The subwoofer is weighing 36 pounds. The corners are round and there is a circuit breaker in the middle which is for the double bass driver.  

The company doesn’t change the dimensions and weight of this subwoofer. The shape and the window in the mid even look like the Sub gen 2.

The driver of each subwoofer is powered with an individual amplifier to give the customers a double design of the speaker. Additionally, the subwoofer is designed in such a way so that it will not vibrate while listening.

However, if you want an elevated design so, this model might upset you. But the model is not changed so it makes it easy for you to place it vertical or horizontal as you want.

Easy set-up:

Although this model is quite compacted you can easily move it around and can mount it upright or place it under the sofa, but for wall mounting, you will need an extra wall bracket.

If you are already a Sonos user you can set it up easily because all you need to do is just plug it withinside the facility then open the Sonos application and withinside the ultimate transfer sub on your current gadget.

This sub gen 3 is only compatible with the products that can be controlled with the S1 app. It means it is well-matched with the latest crossing point from Sonos.

After installing the sub gen 3 you can easily connect the sub number 2 and consequently, the system will be in practice.

All tunings like volume will become communal but you can select to detach one of them. When you add a new subwoofer the room rectification still wants to be completed again.

So, the best option is to use the Sonos Trueplay room correction. Unfortunately, the Trueplay is well-matched with the iPhone models. It is not compulsory because Trueplay gives a visible enhancement in the audio.


The subwoofer works with the Sonos merchandise solely whether or not it is music or films this subwoofer brings you an impactful and deep bass to the listening revel in.

The frequency response can circulate as low as 25Hz and this is wonderful for a small woofer. The bass does now no longer makes any loud and resonant sound and creates theater-like surroundings at the same time.

What makes it even better is the Sonos Trueplay software program as it lets you have the Sonos sub anywhere you want.

Moreover, it analyzes the elements that could affect the sound exceptional of the system. These elements consist of room layout, décor, size, and the placement of the speaker.

After analyzing, it adjusts the Sonos speaker’s sound settings to make certain that not anything influences the sound exceptional.

Additionally, the software has an extent adjustment feature permitting you to modify the extent with only a faucet in your phone. So, the sub plays efficaciously with Trueplay and offers a pleasing revel in your ears.

Additional features:

Wireless connection:

The most effective subwoofer comes with a strong cord. You simply ought to plug it in and press the part of the button at the lower back to attach it along with your system.

To upload it on your system, you need to download the Sonos application and comply with the instructions. The Sonos application will modify the audio settings of the sub to make it stable with the system.

When connected, it guarantees a sophisticated listening revel without any breaks.

Connectivity and compatibility:

This gen 3 can connect to other speakers via Wi-Fi wirelessly which gives it a flexible installation.

You can place it wherever you want and reduce the hassle of wires. If you are connecting it to the Sonos soundbar or the speaker system, this offers it a broad all-in-one set-up.

What you will need to do is to enter the password of your Wi-Fi then the application will do the rest.

There is no way to attach it to non-Sonos equipment because it lacks the wired and Bluetooth inputs. It is the substantial restriction of the subwoofer from the serviceability perspective.

Upgraded internals:

Because of the upgraded internals, this gen 3 has left the earlier versions behind. It comes with 256 MB RAM and a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor.

It also features a high-power radio receiver that makes it easy for the user to run the system from an extended range.

The auto-switching AC unit works with the range of 100 to 240 volts and the current of 50-60 GHz supplied by the power suppliers.

Sonos Sub Gen 2 Vs Gen 3: What’s the main difference?

People make sure to comment that there is not a major difference between the looks of Sub Gen and its preceding 2 predecessors. But by considering its little bit improvements, this is clear to watch that there is more to the Sonos Gen 3 than what meets the human eye.

External Differences

For Further ergonomic and smooth design connecting button is now curved and supplemented into the cabinet of Sub.

Flatform power cord for the low danger of twisting with additional cables.

Internal Differences

There is enhanced processing power and memory, all thanks to 256 MB of RAM and a one GHz processor.

A radio receiver with high power for larger connectivity and variety.

For a simpler and rapid setup, there is NFC (Near Field Communication) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

Well-suited internals of Sonos S2 which is for use with the latest Sonos Control platform.

Other Differences between Sonos Sub Gen 2 vs Gen 3

In terms of design, Both Sonos Subwoofer Gen 2 vs Gen 3 have a similar shape, slim and glossy finishes and then a regular subwoofer this should be a little visually obstructive.

With 0 cabinet buzz, they still provide a room-rattling sound. These improvements will future-proof the Gen 3 more, the advanced repetition will function fundamentally and sound the exact as its ancestor.

They both are big as a huge wedding cake box and weigh about 16 Kg (33.8 lbs.) and are accessible in white and black gloss, hence fortified with a 10/100 Ethernet port, dual Class D digital amplifiers, and 2 force canceling drivers.

Their response of frequency is as low as 25 Hz; 20 Hz is the lower pitch most people can hear.

Sonos Sub Gen 3 offers deep bass which you don’t just hear but also feel and it will improve the response of the bass of any Sonos Home Cinema system.

For some clients, the Gen 2 should assist in deep bass which will enlarge your existing setup of Sonos. There are the latest updates of software that Gen 3 will handle better than Gen 2. The new model should be better while also coming in at $100 less.

It also delivers enough higher price point, its RAM doubles that of Sonos Sub Gen 2 (258 MB to 126 MB) and also the radio receiver of Gen 3 is stronger which gives good range and further reliable connectivity.

Additionally, Sonos Sub Gen 3 can work with any speaker of Sonos or home cinema model save for the Sonos Move.

Both the Sonos Sub Gen 2 vs Gen 3 have an adaptable setting of EQ through the inclusive application of Sonos.

They can be united with Alexa too and for the users of iOS, the Trueplay software will be available to tune the Sub according to the exclusive audibility of your room.

They both are wireless accomplished, Sonos Sub Gen 3 will be the subwoofer you may need if you are facing wireless connectivity problems with the earlier Submodels.

They both need the Sonos S2 application for primary setup and also the S2 platform involves volume levels of sound and content searches.

The seismic sound they both deliver vibrates the marrow in your bones, is distortion-free.

FAQs: Sonos Subwoofer Gen 2 vs Gen 3

Is the Sonos Sub Gen 2 worth buying?

It has a smooth design which is backed with the performance of high quality. The best thing, Sonos has made it very simple to set up their good-selling subwoofer.

Does the Sonos Sub Gen come in matte black?

The company finished the matte black variant of the Sonos Sub Gen 2 back in 2015. As we expected, the new Sonos again undergoes the trend, and will only come in a lustrous black and white finish.

When did the Sonos Gen 3 Sub come out?

The Sonos launch the Sonos Sub in June 2012; Gen 3 initially seemed on 10th June 2020, substituting the now-discontinued. In 2016 Gen 2 model was released.

Where should I place my Sonos Subwoofer?

It is designed to be placed on the floor and you can place it in a corner, against the wall, behind, under, or next to any section of your furniture on any kind of floor surface.

Note; the subwoofer has powerful magnets so don’t place the subwoofer near the apparatus which is sensitive to magnetic fields.

What’s the major difference between Sonos Sub Gen 2 vs Gen 3?

Gen 3 builds on the features of Gen 2 which offers efficient internals also an extended memory which should make it more future-proof as compared to its predecessor.

How many generations of Sonos Subwoofer are there?

There is only 1 generation of Sonos Sub, it is our commitment to support products with software updates for at least 5 years after we stop selling them, and we have a track record of supporting them for longer.

The Verdict

You will be fascinated with Sonos Sub Gen 3 if you loved the Sonos Sub Gen 2.

Sonos don’t ever try to ‘reinvent the wheel’ with Sonos Sub Gen 3, it recalls the advanced design which eradicates any fluctuation or buzz yet brings unbelievably stronger and active low-end sound.

This also recalls a smooth, innovative look but works just as well if pushed away under the furniture. If your latest Gen 2 functions to your satisfaction, there is no necessity to upgrade to Gen 3.

Unfortunately, the Sonos Sub couples only with other Sonos improved components.

The Gen 2 models are accessible on Amazon for sale and Newegg at a significant discount compared to Gen 3. Sonos still supports the innovative Gen 1, no one can believe that the firm will continue Gen 2 fine into the future.

For the streaming devices, if you have already enhanced your home (i.e., network of Wi-Fi separated into 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), most probable Gen 2 will assist your usage.