Pioneer AVH-2500NEX Review

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX Review [Updated 2022]

Nothing can be better than Pioneer AVH-2500NEX if you want to upgrade or replace your car DVD receiver. It provides several options for a newer experience.

The good news is for the phone users of both Android and Apple, it can be controlled through the smartphone. From the design, controlling options to compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Spotify, etc. every feature will shock you.

It is innovative and has a powerful new user interface that is responsive and highly customizable. It is designed particularly for today’s phone-driven lifestyle.

Let’s deep dug into all the features of Pioneer AVH-2500NEX so you can select easily what is going to work better for you.

Who is the Pioneer AVH-2500NEX for?

It is especially for those who drive a lot and it can be brief commutes or long drivers the top unit will assist you well.

The quality of sound is superb and plenty of clients stated that it felt like they had a brand-new car.

You can go silly and devote hours fine-tuning the system. The built-in Bluetooth works well, and for the calls, you have a noisy and clean voice.

If you are just like me, you are probably taking calls and replying to the texts. To try this carefully, you want hands-free control and with this, it is easy to do.

There are numerous sources of the song to pick from and you’ll never be bored on the street again.

  • Broad connectivity with your smartphone. Enhanced smartphone connectivity makes it possible to enjoy popular apps with your radio.
  • Superior AV performance. Pioneer applies it's expertise in sound technology to deliver high quality audio and video performance.
  • Features: works with Apple Car Play, Android Auto web link. Parking assistance. 24-Bit True color panel for smooth gradation and rich color.

Specifications of Pioneer AVH – 2500NEX

Some of the main specs of this product are:

Receiver Size:Double Din
Display Color:Variable Colors
Display Type:WVGA Display
Screen Size:6.8”
Touch Screen:Yes
Peak Power:50 watts x 4 channels
RMS Power:17 watts x 4 channels
Backup Camera:Yes
CEA-2006 Compliant Amplifier:Yes
Built-In Features:AM/FM radio tuner
Item Dimensions:(L × W × H): 11 × 6.5 × 9.5 inches
Item Weight:4.1 Pounds

  • Your car will feel brand new
  • The quality of sound is crisp and crystal clear
  • The display is good and bright and dimmable for night driving
  • It is not Android-friendly
  • The Mirror link does not seem to work

User Interface and Display Screen of AVH – 2500NEX

Display Specifications

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Resolution: WVGA (800 x 480)

Touchscreen: Clear resistive

Display customization: 13-backgrounds

It has a display screen of 6.8” this size is massive for some but for me placing it in a car is the best size.

The show resolution is WVGA (800 x 400), an excellent view you will have.

For getting, even higher screen view it has featured with LED-backlit with a ratio of 16:9.

The clear and pure version is seen when looking at the screen. The company tried all the possible things to make this receiver the best in all aspects.

User Interface

The screen is resistive that is a good thing Pioneer included in their receiver. It means you don’t have to press hard on the screen, instead, you can just simply touch the screen and do the work.

There are plenty of options on the front for controlling the receiver options. The layout is very easy with the CD/DVD slot is in the top. On the side, other controls are organized nicely.

In this panel, you’ll find at first the voice activation key, and after that comes the volume control keys. Next, you will find the display and home keys but you’ll be using the touch screens most.

This layout is highly responsive, customizable, and advanced, and controlling with smartphones makes it simpler than ever.

Plenty of Inputs and Outputs of Pioneer AVH – 2500NEX 

  • 3 (4V) pre-amp outputs
  • 1 back input for camera
  • USB port.
  • 1 steering wheel
  • RCA Input/output option
  • Port for the power option

It has plentiful, decent input/output options for pairing phones or Bluetooth with ease. Within the rear, all the ports are prepared with a stronger layout.

On one side of the rear part, a port is present, used for connecting Bluetooth microphone, that mic you will find in the box. Besides this, a single steering wheel port can control through a third-party device like the ASWC steering wheel interface.

Similarly, there’s a non-obligatory port from Sirius XM FOR sxb three hundred tuners. Right beneath it, the vital USB port is present via which you’ll connect your Android Auto, iPhone, or Apple CarPlay. You can also use this USB port to watch movies, listen to music.

On that side, the video and audio auxiliary input are available with a plug-in option for linking your vehicle with the power and harness cable.

You will find 4-volt RCA outputs on the other side for operating exterior amplifiers. Set them as rear, front, and subwoofer or mid, high, and little output, which could offer you the best of sound.

For the rear digital camera, a brown port, RCA input, and the output for video and audio, subsequently plug for FM, AM antenna that all exists with inside the layout.

Hand Free Controls Only with Bluetooth Connection

For hand-free communication or streaming your favorite application, music, just connect your Android, iPhone with Pioneer AVH-2500NEX and enjoy a true experience of Bluetooth.

When you are driving, this allows you to pick up the calls without using your hands. Once you pair it, you will be able to watch all the programs and soundtrack on the screen.

Very simple to connect Bluetooth with your smartphone and the system of auto-connecting makes it less complicated.

Few exceptional options the NEX Bluetooth option offers for the client.

1. Firstly, Hand-Free Profile that I have mentioned already with this feature connects your compatible smartphone with the receiver. Later that, get entry to what you require from your phone to the receiver. 

The clear and crisp version is displayed on the screen. Use all the applications of streaming or play your preferred track and enjoy an extended drive without the use of your hand.

2. There is nothing to worry about the quality of audio when you are going to stream your favorite music from your mobile phone. Expect excessive-quality, clear and crisp audio with the advanced Audio Distribution Profile Feature.

3. Next, getting access to contacts or receiving phone calls from your smartphone converts into very simpler with NEX Bluetooth.

When you join your mobile phone Book Access Profile is there to show you on the screen who has called you or what contact you want to find: do it effortlessly.

4. In the last, AVRCP helps you to manage play, pause like a remote, or pick out media via Bluetooth.

Sound Quality for All

  • Built-in amplifiers
  • RCA pre-outs
  • Easy EQ (EEQ) present an equalizer
  • Customizable Graphic Equalizer
  • D/A Converter
  • Loudness
  • Subwoofer control
  • Time Alignment
  • 3-way Audio Network mode
  • Listening Position Selector
  • Latest Sound Retriever
  • Auto EQ (Cd-MC20 required)
  • Crossover network HPF/LPF

Your car and your music are as unique as you are and with a Pioneer NEX in-dash receiver.

The quality of sound features like built-in Auto EQ and the Time Alignment, 13-band photo equalizer with the contact panel swipe setting.

The integrated low/excessive pass crossover with the adjustable factors and slopes provides you with the controls to modify your experience of listening to your automobile and listening preferences.

The CD-MC20 microphone is wanted for the Auto EQ capabilities and is compact separately.

At the front door, your love of high-res audio does no longer needs to stop. Enjoy the FLAC documents on your vehicle without the need to change them.

These in-dash receivers had been the 1st in the industry to present a playback of documents encoded as high-res FLAC as much as 192kHz/24 bit and offer playback output at CD quality.

With this Pioneer AVH-2500NEX, your high-res FLAC is no longer confined to your private home hi-fi system – place your track at the move.

Caution: Before use, examine the operation guide in addition to all the instructions and all the cautions. Pay interest to the road, limit the glances to the device, and don’t use any function if it can’t be operated both validly and safely in your location.

Unfocussed driving can cause serious injuries, including death.

Certain functions such as video playback and keyboard input are restricted through a parking brake interlock system.

Availability of non-Pioneer services and content, which includes applications and connectivity, may change without notice due to changes in operating systems, app, or firmware version; changes to, restrictions on, or discontinuation of the service or service plans; non-Pioneer hardware changes; or the other events.

A Smart Receiver with Plentiful Smart Features

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX is a smart receiver with several smart features, which surely can entertain you fully.

With this receiver, stream your favorite music, listen to your favorite content, or control with your voice the whole thing simply in a minute.

Check out these options, which you can enjoy with your mobile phone only.

  • iDataLink Maestro
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Alexa/Siri Eyes Free/ Google Assistant
  • HD Radio
  • Android Auto
  • Pandora
  • Weblink
  • Spotify
  • Vozsis
  • SiriusXM

Apple CarPlay

This receiver supports Apple CarPlay and for iOS users, it is like a dream as it offers an unbelievable controlling option.

It is one of the best features for using in a vehicle while driving without the usage of hands.

Use maps, make calls, stream your favorite music or podcast or even check texts with just your voice down and hand down.

This is the handiest and the simpler way to relish, one thing to keep in mind is iPhone 5 or the latest versions can work only.


In your receiver, when you are getting several choices then why skip choices like YouTube or different applications.

You can get access very easily only with one USB connection. Use this feature with your Android or iPhone and you can only use the pre-installed applications on your smartphone.

Android Auto

This receiver is designed particularly for providing a user-friendly chance even for Android users. This is the purpose why this Android Auto feature is integrated.

Control it with your voice and get an easy, well-organized option for media, applications, or smartphones.

This opportunity will simply increase the Android platform in your receiver.

You can consider this feature as a safer feature to use because it never distracts you when you are driving.

Integrated HD Radio

This Pioneer AVH-2500NEX provides 18 FM and 6 AM preset channels with a pre-built HD radio. There is a tuner, in settings, and an EQ button to alternate the equalizer setting.

It also allows you to make calls very simply just like other compatible features. Enjoy a 100% subscription along with the super clear audio in the lowest distortion.

Vozsis Use with Amazon Alexa or Siri Eyes Free or Google Assistant

This feature also supports the 2500NEX receiver and it is very easy to give access to that feature, which is available on both the iPhone and Android.

Simply set up this and then deliver the command by using Alexa.

Play the song, listen to climate or news, or different controls on your mobile phone all can function with only single command.

At the same Google Assistant and Siri Eyes Free also serve in the same way. Control this system with your voice and get to listen to the song, select out or make calls or send messages.

Pandora and Spotify

Both Spotify and Pandora are compatible with Android and iPhone, all you need to do is pair your iPhone with a USB port else connect the Android device via Bluetooth.

These 2 applications of music assist to discover a brand-new musical journey as there is a lot of series from which you can find your preferred very simply.

Take your long-drive experience of the music to the subsequent level with the unbelievable quality of audio.


In this Pioneer AVH-2500NEX receiver you’ll get a port for connecting to SiriusXM.

Here you get the biggest advantage when you will discover access to over a hundred and forty channels.

Enjoy live shows or sports, news, get entertained with comedy, or even promote free music all in this single feature. Have SiriusXM subscription, furthermore get Tune Mix, Traffic or weather Now, Sports Flash.

Excellent quality of sound with decent video compatibility.

  • Video/Audio feature.
  • CD/CD-R/RW, VCD, Digital media files, DVD/DVD-R/RW Playback via Bluetooth and USB.
  • AAC/FLAC/MP3/MP4/WMA/WAV Playback.
  • AVI/DivX/MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4, Decoder/Video Playback on any digital file.
  • AM/FM Tuner, Radio Data System (RDS) Playback.
  • The graphic equalizer of 13-band with 7 preset EQ selectable curves.
  • 96 kHz/ 24-bit D/A Decoder.

The Pioneer AVH-2500NEX is an excellent receiver that provides not only many features but also provides great quality of sound.

You can hear any music with clear sound and with no distortion.

If you wish to enhance the full system of audio then select a subwoofer or even an automobile speaker.

There are many reasons behind the higher quality of sound, like Auto EQ, selectable seven preset, high and low pass crossover, 13-band graphic equalizer.

Additionally, 96 kHz/24 bit digital to analog translator offers high-resolution audio.

The experience of listening can go to the subsequent level with this receiver. Simply download, enjoy and play all this you have to try to do for exciting music or video experience in your car.

Things We Don’t Like

This receiver abounds with stunning options and the performance is wonderful to permit everyone to be astonished.

However, this receiver features a number of problems that will be neglected but before purchasing something, you should know about it fully.

For Android and iPhone, there is no option of wireless and this may seem annoying to some. In addition, sometimes you may face some problems while downloading it, no remote control is found in the box.

The good news is that it has a remote and the bad news is that it is useless. The buttons are aligned badly, and the majority don’t work.

You are better off with a previous remote or an application of remote.

If you are attempting to install this unit by hand, then you are in a world of pain. The manual is thin and flimsy and you would be better off with YouTube or call customer service.

We’ve noticed pair of things about the Pioneer AVH-2500NEX radio receiver. First of all, if you are playing music from a memory stick, the show starts to pause.

Music is all good, but the touchscreen reaction has increased.

We have not noticed it with the other music input.

When you are doing the firmware update, this takes around 15-20 minutes and this is a lot of wasted time.

FAQs about Pioneer AVH – 2500NEX

Q. Does Pioneer AVH-2500NEX have navigation?

With the built-in Bluetooth, first you enjoy the great quality of sound.

You get access to the following functions: audio playback, video playback, audio streaming. It is also navigation ready and you can play pause video playback.

Q. Does Pioneer AVH-2500NEX have wireless CarPlay?

Weblink is a next-generation application delivery platform for in-vehicle infotainment. It leverages the power of the phone to deliver driver-relevant applications run on the mobile phone and are “projected” to the in-vehicle systems.

Q. What does Pioneer Weblink do?

The Pioneer AVH-2500NEX 6.8” VGA Touchscreen DVD receiver provides seamless integration with your mobile phone. These options are Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Weblink, Spotify and Pandora controls, built-in Bluetooth, HD radio, iDataLink to name a few.

Q. What is Pioneer Weblink?

It is a revolutionary application that can transform your whole experience of driving which also allows you to connect your smartphone to your car stereo system.

Along with cordlessly streaming music, you can also use some of your other favorite Android or Apple applications.

Q. Is this Head unit actually worth it to purchase?

There is no doubt that the Pioneer AVH-2500NEX is one of the Pioneer’s best car stereos and you will get a CD/DVD player, which many other head units do not offer with advanced features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Q. Can I pair more than one phone with Pioneer AVH-2500NEX?

Yes, you can connect 2 devices at a time due to its dual Bluetooth support feature.

Q. Will this unit fit in my car?

If your car dashboard has a space for a double din radio, then this radio will fit in your car without any issue. But if your car has only a single din dash, then a manual adjustment should be needed.

Q. Will, I get a free backup camera with it?

No backup camera is given in the box, there are 2 inputs available to connect a rare view camera and a dash camera.

Final Thoughts

The Pioneer AVH-2500NEX did an excellent job of making this radio. It is one of the best Pioneer’s car radios for the money. In 2021, no stereo provider will offer all the unit features at this rate.

The serious evaluating makes this a phenomenal starter in-run beneficiary with enough highlights to get you by satisfaction. This is the unit you must buy if you are serious about upgrading your audio system.

This stereo will be a perfect choice for those who need an Apple CarPlay and DVD player even though it is a little bit costly but worth every penny.

This Pioneer AVH-2500NEX quickly connects with iPhone as well as Android. The only drawback in this unit is there is no wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Otherwise, it is an excellent car stereo.