How to Turn on the Speaker on an iPhone

Along with enhanced multimedia features, the iPhone also has basic functions that are available on many other cellphones, including a speakerphone, which is a feature that most people are still not familiar with. In order to use the speaker feature, you simply have to place the device up to your ear and you’ll be able to hear and speak with the caller. On your iPhone, it is also beneficial if you are planning to have a group of people participating in a conversation with you. For the speaker to work, you must be in an active call in order to use it.

Step 1 : At the bottom of your Home screen, you will find an icon called “Phone”, which will allow you to take a call.

Step 2 : At the bottom of the screen, you will find an icon called “Contacts” that you will need to tap. You will need to navigate to the person you wish to call.

Step 3 : If you want to make a phone call to your contacts, you will need to tap their name, followed by their phone number. There is also the option to enter the number directly on the keypad and then press the “Call” button once you have entered the number.

Step 4 : When the call options box appears, tap the speaker icon in the upper-right corner of the screen when it appears. There are also a number of other features contained within the calling options box such as mute, hold, and access to contacts as well as a number of other options. When the speaker icon is pressed, it appears as a speaker with sound waves emitted from it, and it turns blue when the icon is pressed.

Step 5 : In order to increase or decrease the volume of the speaker, press the volume buttons on the left-side of the phone.

Step 6 : It is possible to turn off the speaker by tapping it again, or to end the call by tapping “End”.