how to reset jbl xtreme speaker

Hard Reset JBL Xtreme

In this tutorial, we will show you how to perform a Hard Reset on your JBL Xtreme if you’re experiencing problems or you just want to reset the paired devices list if you have any issues with your JBL Xtreme.

  1. The device must be turned on at the very beginning by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds.

  2. There are several steps that can be followed for a hard reset. First, press and hold both the Volume Up button and the Bluetooth button together until the device turns off.

  3. If you wish to hard reset your device, you will have to press the power button on the device once it has turned off.

  4. Once the device is powered on, you will see that it is in pairing mode (the power button should be flashing blue after it is turned on), this means that the hard reset has been completed.

  5. This is an outstanding piece of work!

Soft Reset JBL Xtreme

A soft reset can be performed on your JBL Xtreme if it is stuck or frozen, so that you can get it working again. If you would like to force restart your computer, go to this page. This should result in your JBL Xtreme rebooting and starting up again as soon as it has been restarted.

  1. If you want to turn the device off, you need to first press the Power button on the device.

  2. If you wish to turn on the device again after it has been turned off, simply press the Power button again.


Fix Bluetooth JBL Xtreme

 There are a few things you will learn in this tutorial about how to fix stuck JBL Xtreme speakers as well as how to fix frozen JBL speakers.

How to fix Bluetooth on JBL Xtreme:

  1. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the JBL Xtreme device when it is powered on

  2. It is possible to release the Bluetooth key by releasing the LED light ring when it flashes red

  3. To turn on the speaker, you will need to press the power button on the JBL Xtreme.

  4. That’s great, thanks! It is now possible to delete all devices that have previously been paired.

How to pair with JBL Xtreme:

  1. The Bluetooth key should be pressed once when JBL Xtreme is turned on

  2. As soon as the Bluetooth key is pressed, the LED light under it will begin to blink white

  3. Make sure that your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings are open.

  4. Select the Pairing option by tapping and holding the name of the JBL Xtreme

  5. Wow! That’s awesome! With the JBL Xtreme, you are now able to play music right away!

Reset Bluetooth JBL Xtreme

It is very simple to repair JBL Xtreme by following these few steps. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to reconnect with your JBL Xtreme. It might be necessary to pair your smartphone again with your JBL Xtreme if you are having trouble playing music on your JBL Xtreme. To force unpair all devices that have been paired with the JBL Xtreme, reset the Bluetooth connection.

How to reset Bluetooth on JBL Xtreme:

  1. Upon turning on the JBL Xtreme, press the Bluetooth button on the device.

  2. It is recommended that you hold the button for more than five seconds.

  3. The Xtreme LED Ring can be released when a red light flashes on the JBL Xtreme LED Ring.

  4. It’s fantastic! Once the JBL Xtreme has been powered on again, you should see all previously connected devices have been unpaired.

Unpair JBL Xtreme

There is a requirement that you must first unpair JBL Xtreme from the previous device before you can connect another device. Listed below is a tutorial that will help you to figure out how to disconnect your smartphone from your JBL Xtreme.

How to unpair JBL Xtreme:

  1. Make sure that your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings are open.

  2. Select Unpair from the list of options when you tap and hold JBL Xtreme.

  3. That is awesome! Now that JBL Xtreme is paired with JBL Xtreme, it will stop automatically pairing with it.

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