7 Best Subwoofers Under 100

7 Best Subwoofers Under $100 [Top Picks 2022]

When it comes to selecting the best subwoofers under 100 according to your need, there are multiple aspects to consider.

Without any doubt, the important aspect is the price. If you love crazy beats then you are going to want a great subwoofer and sometimes great ones are expensive.

But, if you are not much of a bass-head and need a subwoofer that is good enough to be used for a very long time, then the subwoofers under $100 are the best option for you.

Subwoofers are a very tough piece of equipment, especially when trying to master it cheaply. Low frequencies are very hard to reproduce, but they can add a lot to an overall experience of listening.

Spending a lot of money is not a good option, so we ventured out to find the best under $100.

We looked for the models which are capable enough in the low-end without being exaggerated. Adequate delivery of power was a must as well, confirming the speakers don’t distort under the low-end pressure.

Photo Title Price Buy
BOSS Audio Systems.image BOSS Audio Systems CXX10 Car Subwoofer - 800 Watts Maximum Power, 10 Inch Subwoofer, Single 4 Ohm Voice Coil, Sold Individually $40.30
Polk Audio PSW10.image Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Power Port Technology, Up to 100 Watts, Big Bass in Compact Design, Easy Setup with Home Theater Systems Black $249.00
Rockford Fosgate R2D4-12.image Rockford Fosgate R2D4-12 12" 1000w Dual 4 Ohm Car Audio Subwoofers Sub (2 Pack) $199.98
Dayton Audio SUB-800.image Dayton Audio SUB-800 8" 80 Watt Powered Subwoofer $134.98
Pioneer TSW312D4 Champion.image Pioneer TSW312D4 Champion Series 12" 1500 Watt Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil DVC Car Subwoofer $84.50

What does a subwoofer do?

It is a speaker which is designed to amplify the lower frequencies of the music which is coming from your car’s stereo. Most stock speakers which come with automobiles are of the full-range variety that means they are designed to amplify sounds within the whole range of human hearing ability.

They usually amplify the frequency between 30 and 150 Hz and these frequencies are responsible for the “thump” which you can feel in your chest and are not usually focused in stock speakers.

These stock speakers usually are made of paper and are not going to be powerful enough to withstand the vibrations of these lower frequencies being amplified and focused.

Subwoofer which is made of good and strong quality materials is vital for these deeper, more bass-centered sounds.

Things to consider before buying the best Subwoofers under $100.

Price of the Subwoofer

The price is the 1st consideration with this award and on a subwoofer, if you spend $100 this is clear that there is probably a fixed budget.

Jumping from $300 to $500 offers a significantly good result but this is not always worth it.

That’s why we ensure that we were going to track down bargains that offered a great price-quality ratio. Price may specify that these subwoofers will not perform well, but $100 is about as cheap as you can buy before the value starts to wear out.

Subwoofer Design

When looking for a subwoofer, astronomy plays a vital role. More often than not, an audio set-up is intended for entertainment or a living room, where an individual speaker is brought to the level of furniture in terms of design.

This is the reason why all the options are underestimated perfectly so that they can be seamlessly integrated into almost an existing setup.

Neutral colors were important in an attempt to scare back a potential collision in the room.

It may not seem essential at first, but a little box on your ground which collides with everything in the place can rapidly become an annoyance, that is indeed not the aim!

Features of the Product

However, the best subwoofers are ripe for features such as subharmonic developments, more options of filters, and sometimes exterior functionality.

But they can’t be found on the Best subwoofers under $100 because this price does not provide any warranties for functions.

Automatic detection of signal and tunable crossover are available on any option, but this should be expected. Other than this, they offer you the sound they come with.

$100 does not provide much in terms of features, but our options give exactly where it counts.

Attainments are king, and the models which you can find here are no exception.

How to pick the Best Car Subwoofer for under $100?

Finding the best car subwoofer under $100 will depend on some different features.

Knowing what to look for can help you find the perfect choice for your particular vehicle and condition.

  • Having a frequency response between 30 and 200 Hz, this range of frequency will be sufficient to produce all the right bass sounds without overloading the speaker itself. Almost all the subwoofers under $100 are designed to produce this range of frequency.
  • Be made of high-quality materials and the best subwoofer under $100 will not have paper cones so they will use things like rubber and mylar. The subwoofers in the low range will use standard speaker paper for their cones, so you must ensure that the one you buy uses harder materials.
  • Be able to withstand at least 100W. Many subwoofers will be able to handle a wattage load much higher than that, including subwoofers under $100. But over 100W should be sufficient for almost any stereo system of a car.

Components of a Subwoofer

There are different components of the subwoofer and it is vital to recognize each of them to determine and calculate the quality of the product. These components are:


These are the speaker’s bodies that intensify the pitches and the frequencies.

The cones must be made of materials that are good performers of sound. But, if you have a subwoofer under $100 then its cone must be shear, temperature, and moisture resistant.


It keeps the cone of the subwoofer in its place and it can be made of polypropylene or paper. Some producers also prefer rubber to craft a surround.

Its most of the time sewed around the cone either in the outward and inward direction.

Voice Coil

This is a somewhat ignored but essential part of the subwoofer and it is attached to the apex of the cone. It is essential for the ideal flow of current to the cone.

Multiple coils are used for conducting purposes and these vary based upon their impedance which ranges from 2 to 32 ohms.


Spider is the interesting part of the subwoofer and for the perfect magnetic induction, it supports and fits the voice coil in its place. It acts as a circuit breaker if broken down and secures the voice coil, and in turn the subwoofer.

Both the speaker and the voice coil must of superior quality in the best subwoofer under $100. Then there are gaskets, dust caps, terminals, and other such things.

These are small things but they play a huge role in the entire working of a subwoofer.

For instance, the dust cap protects the other parts from the dirt. If this is not there, the dirt would be stuck in the voice coils and services, and the subwoofer won’t work.

However, you would have to break this all open to clean it which is not economical.

Therefore, when buying a subwoofer, one needs to be sure of what he is bringing home and is worth the cost?

7 Best Subwoofers under $100 for Budget

Here is the list of some of the most recommended subwoofers within a limited budget.

1. JBL Stage 1010 Subwoofer

Under $100, it is the best subwoofer without the shadow of a doubt. The credit goes to its integral design and its preloaded setting of bass.

This subwoofer is only 1.5 inches in diameter that making it a smart and elegant choice for any car, van, or truck. The surface of this subwoofer is scratch-resistant which is not sloppy either, its interior is all the more powerful.

This subwoofer prevents any unwanted frequencies or resonances and gives the best quality sound under $100. This subwoofer also has all the qualities which one wants in only 10” of space.

Talking about the design, this subwoofer is made of polypropylene that is a selective material for a cone. This subwoofer works perfectly as it does not trap the particles of dust but this is porous and conducting enough to allow the sound waves to travel through it with ease.

Furthermore, this subwoofer is moisture resistant. The structure is still packed by a carpet-like outer surface which protects the inner parts.

The spider offers enhanced stiffness and aids in the propelling of the desired bass. This lets you hear exactly what you want to hear without any headache or other issues.

  • Power handling: 225Wrms, 900W peak
  • Package Dimensions: 31.0 H x 15.2 L x 31.0 W (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 3.48 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : China

Key Features

  • 10” structure which is moisture and temperature resistant.
  • Slim and smart body.
  • This subwoofer has a large surface area and a composite oversized cone in the same little external. This manipulation lets more air pass through and hence deeper, louder, and better bass is the result.
  • It has a spider to stabilize the cone and the overall structure of the subwoofer.
  • This subwoofer has a push terminal.
  • It can resonate to a frequency of 45-200 Hz.
  • It has a high-roll rubber surround.
  • This can cope with 800 watts of power output, even when this is played constantly.

2. Boss Audio Systems CXX10

It is another best subwoofer under $100 and it has all the qualities which a subwoofer needs to qualify for our list.

Whether it is the design, the capacity, the finish, and the overall performance, this subwoofer is all-in-all.

A cooling system is installed in it which makes it a perfect choice for non-stop music. This brand is famous for its durable products and quality assurance, so won’t tease you for long.

This Boss Audio System CXX10 is user-friendly and also it has a large surface area for the cone to produce low-frequency bass amplified notably.

The diameter of the voice coil is around 2.5-inches and is well adapted to offer its best in extreme conditions and therefore you can rely on this subwoofer.

This subwoofer has a surround made of rubber, and the cone is carved out of polypropylene.

It works perfectly in enclosures of medium-sized or those which are compactly bolted.

  • Sensitivity SPL (1W / 1m) 87 dB, Resonant Frequency 36 Hz
  • Polypropylene Cone, High Temperature Voice Coil, Rubber Surround
  • Sealed Enclosure Internal Volume: .65 Cubic Feet, Ported Enclosure Internal Volume: 1 Cubic Feet
  • 3.5 Inch Round Inch Port Circumference, 10 Inch Port Length, 38 Hz Port Frequency
  • 4.6 Inch Mounting Height, 9.2 Inch Mounting Hole Diameter
  • Dimensions: Depth 11” x Width 11” x Height 4”
  • 3 Year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty

Main Features

  • This subwoofer can give an output of 1000 watts.
  • Available in three different sizes making it quite possible to fit easily in small ports.
  • When appropriately powered, it offers smooth bass which is adequately amplified and is not distorted.

3. Polk Audio PSW10

Polk is one of those brands that need a little introduction when it comes to the subwoofer.

This subwoofer is the latest addition to the market. While it is certainly not one of those high-output beats which we mentioned above, it does make for a perfect choice if you are just a casual user who wants clear and deep bass from time to time.

When you find this subwoofer, you will see that the product description is filled with a lot of puzzling terms, such as Klippel measurements technology or MDF enclosure construction,

In general, these features do matter and should not be disregarded, but in this price range, they are usually upselling. You should focus on the features which matter.

  • POWERED SUBWOOFER FOR EXTRA BASS & PUNCH – A 10-inch Dynamic Balance woofer & a uniquely configured directed port provides accurate bass with added depth that brings your music and movies alive. A perfect solution for your small-to-mid size room
  • LOUDER CLEARER SOUND EVEN AT HIGH VOLUME – Enjoy a thrilling yet balanced music experience with rich, deep sound, even at low frequencies. BLENDS EASILY WITH ANY SPEAKER and plays the most demanding nodes effortlessly without any distortion
  • DOUBLE THE AMPLIFIER POWER TO 100 Watts of Dynamic Power with its in-built 50-watt RMS amp. Sophisticated engineering with best in class resonance-free driver materials make this sub highly durable and FIT FOR EXTENDED USE
  • EASY TO INTEGRATE WITH EXISTING SYSTEMS – Hook up this sub to the receiver and upgrade your music sound instantly. Features continuously variable 80-160 Hz crossover and 40-160 Hz (-3dB) frequency response
  • A sleek detachable grille on the front, speaker and line-level inputs as well as speaker-level outputs on the back, and a Phase Toggle Switch for multiple subwoofers, make this sub cohesive and complete

Features of this Product

  • A 10” Dynamic Balance woofer and a uniquely configured directed port give accurate bass with added depth which brings your movies and music alive.
  • Also, you can enjoy a rich and deep sound even at low frequencies. It blends easily with any speaker and plays the most demanding nodes effortlessly without any alteration.
  • 100W of dynamic power with its in-built 50-watt RMS amp. Sophisticated engineering with best-in-class resonance-free driver materials makes this subwoofer highly durable and fit for extended use.
  • Hook up this subwoofer to the receiver and upgrade your music sound rapidly. Features continuously variable 80 to 160 Hz crossover and 40 to 160 Hz frequency response.
  • A sleek detachable grille on the front, speaker and line-level inputs as well as speaker-level outputs on the back, and a Phase Toggle Switch for different subwoofers make this subwoofer cohesive and complete.

4. Rockford 12-inch Subwoofer

A typical and ideal subwoofer, just like you need it. The design and the construction is the special thing about this subwoofer.

The manufactures of this subwoofer are known for their guarantee and the quality and this product is no less competent.

The deep attention to detail is what differentiates this subwoofer from the rest of its sort and its finish is what makes it impossible to neglect.

The shape, even though not contemporary, is so well adjusted which it suits almost any setting and still is the center of attention. This beauty is a good thing that you can get for under $100.

The cone of this subwoofer is made of paper, which will make you think it may be is not that good. But, never judge a book by its cover.

As we talked about the impeccable build of this subwoofer, the manufacturers have added fibers to the cone to improve the bass significantly.

Also, the surround is not left behind, it is carved out of Santoprene a rare and responsive material. It has a single spider, the voice coil is made out of aluminum to give the utmost experience of music.

To cool the cone, a spider has a vent and subwoofer in case of continuous working.

  • Power Handling: 500 Watts Max per sub | 250 Watts RMS per sub
  • Nominal Impedance: Dual 4-Ohm
  • Cutout Diameter: 11.25 Inches (285 mm)
  • Mounting Depth: 5.067 Inches (91.5 mm)
  • Frequency: 34.9 Hz

Key Features

  • These are 10 and 12 inches in size with a polypropylene or paper cone.
  • The surface area is increased up to a surprising 25% that is more than almost any other subwoofer at this price. This lets the subwoofer take in more air and supplement extra bass, this is the reason why it is on our list of best subwoofers under $100.
  • The coil has a capacity of 4 ohms.
  • This subwoofer can handle 200 watts.
  • The aluminum-copper voice coil is durable and strong.

5. Lanzar 15-inch Subwoofer

Any subwoofer can work, if you are a lover of music and just want to have a good long drive. But this one is perfect for you if you are a passionate bass head.

Its improvement abilities are matchless, making it one of the top-rated subwoofers under $100.

In a restricted budget, if you need a bass as loud as possible, this is a good choice and there is no doubt about this. Its design is no less with its amazing abilities, it is attractive, stout, and steady.

Additionally, this subwoofer is not heavy at all and it can fit easily almost anywhere. This subwoofer is 15-inches in size giving off the good bass which makes it out and the public’s choice subwoofer.

The amplifier is so strong which it gives nearly a glass-breaking bass, and this is everything a bass-head ever wants. The creators have not made a single mistake here.

With a built-in amplifier, heat generation is the huge problem any gadget would face, but with the Lanzar, it is not an issue at all.

This subwoofer also has circuitry, also pre-installed, to cope with additional heat. So the user doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

The cone is made of non-pressing paper and it is also available in a range of sizes from 6.5 inches to 15 inches, providing you with as many options as you need.

It also has a dual voice coil which can augment the bass and low-pitches significantly. That’s means you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of this product.

  • 1200 WATT POWER: This car subwoofer has 1200 Watt peak power that will produce high sound resonance. It also has 70 + 70 oz. heavy double stacked magnet structure, golden input terminals and dual 4 Ohm impedance
  • WIDE RUBBER SUSPENSION: Made with this non-fatiguing rubber suspension to keep equipment safe. Designed with bumped and vented motor structure for durability and easy installation. The overall diameter is 15.12"
  • NON-PRESSED PAPER CONE: It is a clean-cut car subwoofer that boasts a black non-pressed paper cone. It will enhance car stereo by producing a powerful audio and keep equipment safe at the same time
  • KAPTON VOICE COIL: The speaker subwoofer comes with a 2.5” dual layer high-temperature Kapton voice coil to resist corrosion. It has a stamped steel basket as well, with a sensitivity of 90.3dB and a special designed rubber magnet boot
  • 7.68” MOUNTING DEPTH: Easy to install with its 7.68” mounting depth and fits most audio system for cars, boats or RVs. Included are the necessary cables, installation template and manual

Important Features

  • All-in-one bass generator.
  • It has stacked magnets which are of 100 oz. These magnets play a very important role in pushing the output power limit up to 2000 watts.
  • It is simple to install and has an impedance of 4 ohms and sensitivity of 80 dB
  • It is fit in a steel basket to help prevent corrosion, the basket also adds to its beauty.
  • It has a ventilated system, a built is corrosion resistant, and the subwoofer is heat resistant and hence can cope with non-stop working.

6. Dayton Audio SUB-800

The Dayton Audio Sub range is available from 800 to 1500 with the 800 being the smallest and using an 8’’ heavy-duty long-throw woofer.

This makes the SUB-800 the best addition when compared to huge subwoofers in the Dayton Audio line of subwoofers. It is powered by an 80 watt RMS amplifier and you can feel the bass presence in your body when driven to high volumes though.

The cabinet has smooth rounded edges and an all-black design and the driver is mounted to the front of the cabinet while the bass port faces down.

This lets more air move through the subwoofer and gives a clear and tight sound for this speaker, 40 Hz to 140 Hz range of frequency.

The 8” small driver helps to prevent an overly boomy sound which can sometimes be experienced in subwoofers with big speakers.

  • Downward-firing flared port design for clean, powerful bass
  • Selectable "Auto-on" mode
  • Heavy duty long-throw 8" woofer
  • Perfect for small home theaters or listening rooms
  • Unobtrusive textured black vinyl finish

Key Features

  • Downward-firing flared port design for powerful and clean bass
  • Selectable “Auto-on” mode.
  • Heavy-duty long-throw 8” woofer.
  • Unobtrusive textured black vinyl finish.

7. Pioneer TS-SW2502S4

It is a 10-inch shallow mount subwoofer that is designed perfectly for deep bass without taking a lot of space.

This subwoofer has a single 4-ohm voice coil which delivers deep bass with great sound quality. All thanks to Mica injection-molded resin features which can produce accurate bass.

It has an oversized structure of the cone which produces louder and deeper bass by moving air in the subwoofer and mounting depth is less than half (3-1/8”).

It is simple to install without doing more research on connection settings.

This subwoofer takes 100 to 300 watts RMS power to run and goes up to 1200 watts to deliver 20 Hz to 125 Hz frequency response in your music system.

Important Features

  • For good quality of sound, it has mica injected resin cone.
  • 1200 watts peak power.
  • 3-1/8” mounting depth.
  • 100-300 watts RMS power range.
  • Oversized structure of cone.
  • 20 to 125 Hz frequency response.

FAQs about Subwoofers under $100  

1. How much difference does a good subwoofer make?

A good subwoofer will reach down to 20Hz or lower, right down to the limit of human hearing.

This makes you never miss a note and can even feel the lowest notes from something like kick drum, pipe organ, bass guitar, or the occasional cannon volley from the 1812 Overture, for a much more immersive experience.

2. Are subwoofers worth it?

Whether you are working on a tight budget or maybe you are in the infancy of home theatre development, a subwoofer is an absolute must if you are looking to enjoy a 3-dimension experience of sound.

While full-range speakers handle high frequencies perfectly, that’s not the case when it comes to low frequencies.

3. Are ported subwoofers good for music?

Yes, a well-designed ported subwoofer sound should sound perfectly good with music.

The Design gets a bad rap due to the many cheap subs out there, which use ports to maximize bass quality at the expense of bass quality.

4. How many watts are good for a subwoofer?

If you have: An aftermarket receiver – you might need 200 to 300 watts RMS of power. A factory radio – you won’t want more than 50 to 200 watts RMS of power for the bass. Amplified Speakers with around 50 watts RMS per channel – 250 to 500 watts RMS is a good starting point.

Wrapping Up

Subwoofers are frequently used to improve sound effects and they can be installed in cars and are connected to the home stereo to add to the bass. They are available in a wide range that loosely depends on their augmentation quality.

Some subwoofers are so strong that they can stimulate the bass significantly.

The price range also varies according to this capacity and subwoofers can be bought even in several hundred dollars.

Any subwoofer wants to have some specific features to be the choice of the public and these features include a quality spider, an ideal size, a voice coil that can withstand extreme situations, and variable frequencies.

The design and the material are the minute details that have a huge impact on the overall quality of the product.

Before making up your mind and purchasing a subwoofer, be sure it has the value that you want in the cost you are about to pay.